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Be Free

Thursday, January 25, 2007

11:34AM - Because you live and breath it makes me want to kill you...

I'm leaving in three hours to go to the airport to fly to DC then to fly to Tennessee. Yat I'm excited.

And my toe is broken...my serial killer toe on my left foot.

Right...I'm gonna go do all that stuff that I still need to get done before I leave...

Current mood: excited
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Monday, January 8, 2007

1:32PM - Tale as old as time...song as old as rhym...Beauty and the Beast

So NYC was AMAZING...except for the part about me be really sick. Otherwise...
RENT was frickin awesome. They had decorated the theatre so that it looked like a shabby building of NYC so it made the audience be more into the play. And the way they did the scenery was amazing. There werent any scene changes, just a couple of tables and chairs moved around to change things. But it worked so perfectly. Mimi's voice was a litle weak in the begining, but by her second song she was incredably strong. And Seasons of Love...wow. The woman who did the solo was incredable. Her voice filled the entire auditorium, and it was so moving. She didn't play Joanne, she was MArk's mother and the bag lady, but her voice was undescribable it was so good.

And Beauty and the Beast, in my opinion, was even better. I know most people don't think it would be much, but once you have scene it you will never forget it. It was amazing because it was done on its home theatre obviously so the scenery was incredable. The castle was amazing...and it really came to life, moving forward everytime the play was in the castle. And just everything was perfect. Belle's dress was beautiful, and Be Our Guest was brilliant. I didn't know what to expect for that song because I had no idea how they were going to pull it off since they couldnt really have spoons flying into bowls of punch, but they did. And the characters had solo songs that werent in the movie, and they added so much depth to the characters, especially the Beast. It showed his more human characteristics. His character was more humorous than in the movie. But Lumiare...he was incredable. Obviously the funniest character in the play, but I just couldn't believe how good he was. It was so much better than the movie obviously, and ir was so moving. But it was dark. Disney made it happy and light, with some darker parts too, but the play was a lot darker. It's not something I would bring a little kid to see. That is a show that I will never forget, and that I deffinitaly am going to go see again.

The thing that really sucked is that I was sick all day, and all day Sunday.

The bridal shower was boring...obviously. Sitting there for 5 hours watching Margret open gifts that she already knew she was getting...pointless. But it's a big Italian tradition, and she's 100% Italian so her mother wanted to do it for her. But the good part of the shower was meeting these three women who were friends with Margret's parents who had come over from Italy. They were really nice. And I met Margret's cousin Anthony. The most amazingly cool person I have ever met. He's an English teacher in Queens in his mid to late 20's and he was telling me and my cousin Maddy about his classroom and everything. He wears jeans and a t-shirt into work everyday. And he has couches in his classroom. Huge school, and so there's about 36-41 kids in each of his classes. But he was just great. And he really liked Maddy and me too. He kept talking about us to our Aunt Barbara. Then afterwards I slept for most of the 3 hour drive home.

And now I am home from school sick, and it sucks because I feel like crap.

Current mood: sick
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Thursday, January 4, 2007

2:48PM - I see trees of green, red roses too...I see them bloom for me and you...


I know that the weather has partly to do with global warming (which is killing polar bears and deminishing the production of chocolate in the world) and largely to do with El Nino, and then also there is that thing where every couple of years here we get a freaky winter like this with no snow and abnormally high temperatures, but really people...it's gorgeouse outside!!! Almost 60 degrees in the sun, and it's January 4th which also happens to be Nick's birthday (Happy Birthday Nicky!!!!!!) and Kaila's birthday (Happy Birthday Kaila!!!!!!) Anywhooooo^^^ I'm going outside right now to go walk down the road or something because it's beautiful weather out and I wont get to enjoy it again till spring.

Current mood: WAAHOOOOOOO!!!
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Saturday, December 30, 2006

4:22PM - I am in pain

Holy Fucking Shit

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

12:14PM - Greedy's just as horny as Horny is!

Sooo Christmas I spent the day in bed because I was sick. That wasn't fun. But I did get some good stuff so I was happy about that. Still don't feel that great, but I should be used to it by now because I always sem to get sick on eathier Christmas or New Years, and I'm just very glad it was on Christmas this year because other wise it would have ruined everything.

I am a vulnerable woman....*swoon*

I have akways wanted to do that.  To just stop in the middle of the hallway or something and then fall pretending I've fainted and have someone who is right there catch me.  I don't understand it, but it seems like it would be fun.

Hmmm I'm weird I know but I love it.

Oh yeah and Cheats is seriously one of the greatest movies ever for those of you who didn't already know that.

Current mood: cheerful
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Sunday, December 24, 2006



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Friday, December 22, 2006

3:23PM - Took long enough, but he finally was booted out

Good-bye, Alan.

Now get out. And stay out.

You are a criminal. You will be a criminal not only for the rest of your life, but in your obituary.

Ex: Alan Hevesi, the former New York state comptroller forced to resign after pleading guilty to defrauding Empire State government, a Class E felony, died INSERT DATE at PLACE. Doctors said Mr. Hevesi had suffered for years from an absence of conscience, integrity, and class.

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Saturday, December 16, 2006


-Emerson Drive-

I was coming to the end of a long long walk
When a man crawled out of a cardboard box
Under the E. Street Bridge
Followed me on to it
I went out halfway across
With that homeless shadow tagging along
So I dug for some change
Wouldn't need it anyway
He took it lookin' just a bit ashamed
He said, You know, I haven't always been this way

I've had my moments, days in the sun
Moments I was second to none
Moments when I knew I did what I thought I couldn't do
Like that plane ride coming home from the war
That summer my son was born
And memories like a coat so warm
A cold wind can't get through
Lookin' at me now you might not know it
But I've had my moments

I stood there tryin' to find my nerve
Wondering if a single soul on Earth
Would care at all
Miss me when I'm gone
That old man just kept hanging around
Lookin' at me, lookin' down
I think he recognized
That look in my eyes
Standing with him there I felt ashamed
I said, You know, I haven't always felt this way

I've had my moments, days in the sun
Moments I was second to none
Moments when I knew I did what I thought I couldn't do
Like the day I walked away from the wine
For a woman who became my wife
And a love that, when it was right,
Could always see me through
Lookin' at me now you might not know it
But I've had my moments

I know somewhere 'round a trashcan fire tonight
That old man tells his story one more time
He says

I've had my moments, days in the sun
Moments I was second to none
Moments when I knew I did what I thought I couldn't do
Like that cool night on the E. Street Bridge
When a young man almost ended it
I was right there, wasn't scared a bit
And I helped to pull him through
Lookin' at me now you might not know it
Oh, lookin' at me now you might not know it
But I've had my moments

make it rain

Thursday, December 14, 2006

5:38PM - Wow, some people are so great.

A note passed to-day in English

Paige: Sean has a small pen15 Sam, I don't see why you agree to be his lover.
Sam: It's not the size of the boat that matters, it's the motion of the ocean. Haha jk you know I care about the size of the boat, and unfotunitally for Sean he's got a half-inflated pool float.

make it rain

Monday, December 4, 2006

4:54PM - Just hang me and gut me now to get it over with

I have a head-ache
I have a stomache-ache
I have a cold
My throat hurts
I have to pee really badly
I have my period
I miss Bugsy and it's times like this when I always need him the most.
I am not having a good day.

Current mood: shity
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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

7:07PM - Fall down on your knees and hope to hear the angles voices...

It's been a month to-day, and I'm still crying almost every night when I lay in bed wide awake trying to fall asleep without him. And even durring the day when ever I think about him I get so sad and upset and I have to force my mind away from him so I don't cry. I miss him so much, and I would give up anything to get him back so my whole world could revolve around him again. I still love him and I always will...because he is my baby...my love...

Current mood: crushed
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Monday, October 23, 2006

7:55PM - Bugsy Kitty

I know you all love my icon. He is my sexy kitty, for a little while longer anyways...

make it rain

7:36PM - Grawl

It's his wife who did it to him. Keith Urban was perfecly healthy before she had to come along into his life and ruin it. Now she has driven him to the point of drug and alcohol abuse!!! *grumbles* that little somethin somethin...why I oughta...

Current mood: angry
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Friday, October 20, 2006

6:47PM - "I didn't mean to feel the way I do, it just happened by its self..."

I am in a state of denial right which is allowing me to carry on functioning almost normally.

Life kinda does suck right now though
a) My cat is about to die.
b) My master plan was ruined to-day because of those two people who decided to intrude and ruin it.
c) Shanley will soon be back to teaching us, because the student teacher is leaving soon
d) These damn people can't accept the fact that the stupid poem is depressing, and is not encouriging the goddamn knight!
e) Did I mention my cat will soon be dead?
f) I have ruined everybodys mood
g) My poor baby...
h) I have been neglecting Kaila (and apparently Erin too) lately and I feel like a bitch for doing that

I think I'm gonna go cry some more now...

Current mood: crushed
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Monday, October 16, 2006

7:34PM - Romance till the night is through, you'll be holding me yeah and I'll be holding you...

You know this picture is kinky.

Current mood: anxious
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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

5:36PM - Gasp...


Wow, that is somewhat scary, and very very sad. Even if you don't like the Yankees it's still an extremely tragic event...

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Sunday, October 8, 2006

10:21PM - Did they sound the death march when they lowered you down...

I am so confused
And I have a headache
And my foot hurts
And it's swollen
A lot

I think I should start a business. I could be one of those girls people call up who pretend to be naked and mastrubating when really theyre in sweats and sitting on their bathroom counter clipping their toenails. It seems like easy money, and it sounds kinda fun.

Current mood: blah
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Wednesday, October 4, 2006



That poor man. He must not have had any friends or family or anyone who cared about him...

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Monday, October 2, 2006


I think I'll get one of those huge flashing signs that you can see from miles away or a billboard or something to put it up on there, because most people know anyways, so why not just tell the rest of the world too?!?

Current mood: energetic
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Thursday, September 28, 2006


Blimey, this is a cracking banger, innut? Right, wrap your laughing gear 'round this mate!

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